WIN Customers Solution

We teach your staff to WIN Customers Satisfaction

Do you ask these questions?

How many customers does our restaurant need to profit today?

How will each customer find our restaurant?

How do we earn each customers loyalty for life to our restaurant?

Check out this great story of how these restaurant staff see their customers.

We can teach you how to create your customer difference by being customer centered. This results your customers being raving fans who tell your story to bring you their friends.

As you watch ask yourself:

  • What are our customers three biggest needs?

  • What are our three profit results I want to create?

  • What are our three action steps to get our profit results?

*We acknowledge PWC for this production

Your Customer Difference

Learn How


Customer centred restaurant staff look, sound and feel different in how they attract customers.


Your customers would love your restaurant to be more than what you do.


Your restaurant needs to stand out from others who do the same cuisine.

Your Customer Results

We will teach you these great HOW TO strategies


To make your staff stand out by passionately giving CUSTOMER VALUE not lowering price


To make it EASY for customers to buy from you more.


It’s the little things your staff say and do that MAKE a BIG DIFFERENCE TO CUSTOMERS

Your Results

We know you are asking:
What is my return on investment? Right.

We are here to walk with your staff to build lasting growth by defining your difference to your customers.

Only you can decide what your profit solution is worth.


What is it worth to you to increase by 5% of customers a week?
An increase by 5% a week = 260% a year


What is it worth to you to increase each customers spending by 10%?


What is it worth to your restaurant staff to earn your customers loyalty for life?

Your Investment

Yes it is going to cost you, but your return will far exceed this. You need to decide what will you invest for your profit?


Enjoying learning and growing your people together is the key to your results.


We build an ongoing relationship with your staff by running fun interactive workshops.
We empower your staff to build your customer results difference.


To discuss your personalised package that best suits your needs simply call us today.

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We know life rewards those who take action, will you take action today?

WIN Customers Solution – Our Service to You

1. KICK STARTER monthly “Customer Centred” group workshops

2. IGNITE MASTERCLASS monthly “Staff Engagement” focus group training’s

3. TAILORED 1 on 1 SOLUTIONS for your staffs greatest customer satisfaction results

4. STREAMLINE STRATEGY weekends away

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