Our Value is Your Results.

We teach your staff to WIN Customers Satisfaction.

Meet Matt Wellings, CEO of WIN Customers Solutions

Hi I am Matt Wellings, I am the founder of WIN Customers Solutions.

My story is that I was working for 20 years as Client Manager in Financial Services. This fired my passion for building personalised client relationships. I learned that it was my excellent rapport strategy that enabled me to lead our team in bringing on new clients.

I studied the customer centeredness of Steve Jobs Apple, Howard Schultz Starbucks, Simon Sinek ‘Start with Why’ and author Ken Blanchard ‘Raving Fans’.

In 2014 I was so excited to develop my passion for coaching, NLP and gamification training. I knew from the moment I learnt these tools that it was my mission in life to teach coaching through games with everyone I meet.

My mission is to empower restaurant owners and their staff to clearly define their difference in every client moment and this delivers their great profit.

I am a Google Maps Review “Local Guide” with 301,000 viewers.

See how online reviews can attract CUSTOMERS for you or damage your reputation.

WIN Customers Solutions – Services

1. KICK STARTER monthly “Customer Centred” group workshops

2. IGNITE MASTERCLASS monthly “Staff Engagement” focused group training’s

3. TAILORED 1 on 1 SOLUTIONS for you and staffs greatest customer satisfaction results

4. STREAMLINE STRATEGY weekends away

To see which WIN Customers service will get to your customer profit goals the quickest, contact me


We believe when a restaurant's people are truly customer centered, their customer value sets them apart from their competitors.

We believe that the restaurant who invests in their people has a culture that is much greater than their products or price.

We believe a restaurants people passion for customer care in action determines their profit.


We believe your restaurant can stand out from others who have the same cuisine when your people become truly customer centered in every customer moment.

We believe the attitude of a restaurant staff is contagious to customers in making them stay and spend or leave and tell others.

We believe your online reviews can be your greatest marketing asset or your greatest blockage. Online reviews are the true social proof that people trust and decide on.


We believe to get real results training needs to be collaborative by working with your staff.

We believe we will help you get your best results by teaching through interactive gaming workshops.

We believe our value is in your results profit. To get long lasting results we serve you through an ongoing personal relationship.
  • What do you believe? If you share our beliefs then let’s meet to discussing working together.

  • The one thing that keeps us up at night is strategizing how we can get you an even greater return on your investment. We’d like to have the opportunity to build your people to be 100% customer centered in every moment every day.

Go Up And Down

Stays Forever

"Matt Wellings loves business coaching, he empowers people to uncover their own plans to achieve their goals and live fulfilled lives. His work and character are outstanding."

Pat Wiliams NBA Orlando MagicCo-founder and senior vice president, Florida USA

"Matt has been my truly inspiring coach and business mentor for 4 years now. He taught our people to be passionate to serve our customers and our profits have been amazing. His knowledge, passion and empathetic attitude to helping people achieve their goals is second to none. Highly recommend!" – June 2017

MarlonPersonal Training Team Manager, Sydney Australia

"Matt has been a genuine, passionate mentor who is consistently helping me plan and realise my goals. I can be honest in my shortcomings and he passes no judgement but helps me plan how I'll move forward and improve. He honestly celebrates my achievements and supports and encourages my dreams. Many thanks for your support." - June 2014

M. WatsonFounder of Elete Maths Gym, Blue Mountains Australia

"Matt is a wonderful mentor and coach. He has been a great source of inspiration to me for over five years and has proven over and over how his strategy for success has worked by walking the walk himself. I'd highly recommend his coaching services to anyone wanting to progress in their personal goals" - May 2014

LawnaState Government Policy Manager, Seattle USA